Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Those who know me well enough would know that my current obsession in the UK is Lush. 

Lush Cosmetics.

To be frank, actually there are not many other things that excite me about the UK, so when I have something that I LOVE, I'm soooo into it! Even if that means stupidly drooling over odd-looking soaps, naughtily-named moisturisers and heady-smelling blocks of goodness!

I was first introduced to Lush when I was in NZ, nearing the end of my 2-year study there. What a shame! I only got a chance to try one of its products, one of the most popular facial cleansers, Angels on Bare Skin. I'm hooked, ever since. But there still isn't any Lush store in Malaysia, thus imagine my excitement when I'm in the UK! What more when I got to know that it's actually an English product. 

Invented in England..and in my case, also made in England. 

Ok, I'll just list some of the reasons why I love Lush.

1. They work!

Yerp, some may feel that syampoo bars and cleverly-named beauty products are just a fad, but there must be a good reason why this company has been stronger than ever for the past few decades. Many have reported Lush products have changed their lives, especially those who have serious skin conditions. Many people really do swear by their products. 

2. They are natural! and 100% vegetarian.

Well, I'm not a vegetarian. But it sure is good to know that the products are completely sourced from plants and other natural ingredients which are usually good enough to eat! Which means they're, insya Allah, halal! But be careful that there are a small number of products that contain wine and other intoxicating alcohol (not the ones permissible for cosmetics). You know lah how they like to add alcohol in food or food-like products like this, just for the fun of it. But fret not, Lush is very transparent in its list of ingredients. 

And because the products are mostly made of natural ingredients, they smell divine. You can detect that a Lush store is not far from you from its strong distinctive smell even from 500 metres away! The products are even hand-made! and some require refrigeration. Lush tries its best too keep the items in 'naked' packaging.

-Latest visit to Lush, Coventry. Look at all the naked goodness!

3. They are ethical.

The ingredients are all sourced from ethical companies, or even from poorer communities to help them with their economy. Products are not tested on animals. Yey!! Even if the products need to be properly packaged, they come in 100% recycled containers which can be reused or returned to the store. You'll get a free fresh mask for every 5 empty containers returned. Some items, like The Charity Pot lotion, is sold solely for charity purposes, thus the name. 100% of sales of this product are donated to small deprived organisations. Wonderful! 

This is a good alternative to other more commercial products which support animal testing or even the Zionist regime (e.g. all Loreal-affiliated companies, including The Body Shop!). 

4. They are sooooo cute and aptly-named!

I admire Lush workers who are responsible for naming the products. They are geniuses!!! I'm such a sucker for witty words. 

5. They have the best staff ever!

I don't know how they always get to hire the chirpiest people ever existed on earth. The staff are so friendly and they consist of people of diverse backgrounds. Some are fully-tattooed, some look like trans, some are hijabis, some have crazy piercings all over their bodies, some look like nerds, some are really macho-looking men who look good enough to work in the parliament, some look like grandmas, some look like gothic goddesses, some look like Osama Bin Laden, some have pink hair,  some appear like drug addicts, and some are softies. But, they're all sweeeett and helpful!! 

6. You are entitled to free samples.

So yes, the items are on the pricier side, but you can always ask for free samples, both at the store and online. Not one, up to even 5 if you want! They are usually of generous amount, good enough to be used for up to two weeks. That's convenient for those who have very sensitive skin, allergies, or the tendency to be picky. Try it out first, if you like it, come back to buy a bigger tub or a full-sized item. The mini tubs the samples come in can in fact be kept for travel purposes later. Convenient!

7. There's this thing called the Kitchen!

This feature is only available online and if I'm not mistaken, only in the UK. They promote exclusive or seasonal products that are usually sold out in 2 days or so. Everyday there's a new menu added to the kitchen. The items need to be 'pre-ordered' and Lush will indicate when they will be ready. Lush claims that the kitchen products are fresh and they are sent fresh the same day they're finished being made. I just get excited over knowing all these new items although I rareeeeely bought any of them. I just find the idea to be very smart. You can even see how the items are made through their Instagram pages and even their own TV Channel link! I haven't tried the TV link yet. 

8. They have an interesting line of unconventional fragrances. 

The fine fragrances are made of mostly essential oils and are claimed to be inspired by art, music and poetry. I tried a few such as Karma, Lust and Sikkim Girls, and I love them all! Clearly, they are also oddly-named! The packaging is simple and surely does not really look exclusive, unlike most mainstream perfumes. Because they use natural essential oils, they claim that their perfumes smell differently on different people because of the natural reaction to people's different types of skin and body heat. 

9. Lush even has its own freakin' spa!

How cool is that? But this is only available at limited outlets throughout the UK. Not available in Coventry. And the spa packages are super expensive! Hint2 nudge for a present, coz I clearly wont be able to afford it. Hahaha. I'd rather spent my money on their products and enjoy the spa-like experiences everyday. 

I think that's all for now. Be prepared to read a number of Lush-related posts in the next 3 years. Hahaha. 

So, have you been Lushed?


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